To Miss Brock and Mr O’Regan – thank you for being really kind and the best teachers ever – from Mia To Fran for always being there for me – from Twiggy To Angel and Ruby for being there for me when I need someone – From Tasmin To Fin, Reece, Liam, Zac and Logan for being so friendly and cheerful – from Callum To Mrs Fleri for always being there – from Leyla Mia for always being my best friend – from Emily To Twiggy for always being there for me – from Fran Miss Cotton for helping me be happy about my numbers – from Lucy To Lily and Rachael for being good friends – from Maddison Lily, Maddison, Melinda, Lily-Mai and Marcy for being good friends – from Rachael


West St Leonards Primary Academy are pleased to welcome new parents and their children to our school at this exciting time.

We became an Academy with University of Brighton Academies Trust (formerly Hastings Academies Trust) on 1st November 2013 because we feel working together as a group of schools we will be able provide the best education for your children.

The benefits of being an Academy include:

  • Access to expert advice and support from our lead sponsors the University of Brighton, to further develop our teaching
  • Curriculum freedoms, as an academy we can develop learning that really excites children
  • The continuation of our distinctive and inclusive ethos
  • The resources we need to move our good school to outstanding

Please feel free to ask our friendly staff if you have any questions, we can provide paper copies of the information on this website.

Frances Robinson