Our Eco-School

Our Eco-Warriors are working very hard with Mrs Robinson to encourage all WSL pupils to think about energy saving.

We have a new group of eco-warriors this year who are working very hard with Miss Gorman to encourage all WSL pupils to think about making our school more environmentally friendly.

We are working hard to think about ways we can save energy and where possible, use renewable sources. To date we have solar panels and this helps us make our own electricity. Our new lighting system reduces energy use and the PIR sensors turn the lights off when rooms are not in use.

We have bird boxes and feeders that are regularly checked and topped up by our KS2 warriors. Last year we watched a family of blue tits nest and nine babies hatch out and fledge. We used a webcam to view the inside of the bird box and streamed live data from the weather station. This means children can learn about the environment. We can only hope to have the same success this year!

We will ensure that we purchase all products and services that consider environmental aspects, potential impacts and costs, associated with their life cycle. Our practice of procuring products and services will ensure that they are less harmful to the environment (land, air and water), that are made with less harmful materials which when produced, used or consumed. This will include buying local, buying recycled and recyclable, using less chemicals and reducing the schools carbon footprint associated with products and services.

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Rotary Club

Tuesday, 13th June, 12:49 PM
Last week the eco-warriors helped the rotary club to plant purple crocus bulbs around the school site in support of and to raise awareness of the ‘Purple for Polio’ campaign.

The purple crocus is a symbol of Rotary's worldwide campaign to eradicate polio, with its colour representing the purple dye used to mark the finger of a child who has be immunised.

In further support of the project, we will be planting crocus bulbs into jam jars which parents will have the opportunity to buy for a small donation at a later date.


Tuesday, 13th June, 12:48 PM
We have a new group of eco-warriors this year who are keen to encourage others to become more eco-friendly.

Eco-Warriors in Year three to Year six have taken on the responsibility of ensuring our bird feeders are regularly filled and maintained. We hope to have more nesting this year that can again be streamed through our live webcam!

Our upcoming plans for term 2 involve tackling the schools allotment, where we will plant root vegetables and others crops as a way of encouraging sustainable living. We hope to use the produce to hold a small sale at the end of term, donating profits to local animal charities.

Later on in the year we will be focussing on energy saving, where we will take part in Earth Hour, the lights off event. Earth hour was famously started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then it has grown to engage more than 172 countries and territories worldwide. Earth Hour 2016 is on 19 March 2015.

To boost the amount of local wildlife that visits your garden, the RSPB encourages you to feed the birds and keep hedges and grass areas trimmed. Find out more here.