Sierra Leone

Hastings UK and Hastings Sierra Leone

We have recently started a link between West St Leonards C P School and Glory Primary in Hastings Sierra Leone.

We hope to exchange news and photographs and work together to learn about our schools and cultures. Like many other local schools in Hastings and St Leonards we are joining in the British Council project to work with schools in our twinned town.

So far we have sent books and supplies to the school. Donated books and equipment left the UK in a container with collections from other local organisations. We have established an email link between Head teachers and eventually we may be able to get funding for teachers to visit each other and meet the children.

Over the summer 2014 West St Leonards Primary Academy learned that we had been successful in applying for a British Council 'Connecting Classroom' grant to enable us to visit and work closer together with our partner school Glory Primary School in Hastings in Sierra Leone.

Unfortunately, due to the deadly Ebola Virus now in Sierra Leone the British Council has postponed the grant until it is deemed to be safe to travel and accept visitors from Sierra Leone.

However we are still striving to maintain our link and keep in contact. Our aim for the year is to carry out a variety of activities in both countries that raise awareness of the similarities and differences of people in another continent.

During the week of October 6th we are linking the harvest festival with a Sierra Leone enrichment week where each class will carry out activities to learn more about our friends lives in Glory Primary School by writing to the children and learning more about each other and how the land is used in comparison to land use in Hastings, UK.


These photos have been taken of local schools and the area by teachers and organisers of the project.

Sierra Leone