Date Principal's Assembly Vice Principal's Assembly Thursday News for discussion
7th September 2016 Principal's assembly Ready for learning, respect and tolerance.
8th September 2016
9th September 2016
Vice Principals and Leadership Behaviour making good choices our POW values
12th September 2016 Principal's Assembly empathy POW value and disability- Rio Olympics
13th September 2016 Vice Principal and Leadership Lunchtime systems manners and respect
19th September 2016 Principal’s assembly POW value cheerfulness- disability and role models Hannah Cockcroft
22nd September 2016 E-safety learning for children and parents
26th September 2016 Resilience and disability
3rd October 2016 Teamwork 950years ago Teamwork in learning ELF and Growth Mindset
10th October 2016 Reading Prize 2017 Launch Trip to London Zoo
17th October 2016 Famous role models Sir Winston Churchill Show Racism the Red Card
31st October 2016 Book awards celebration
7th November 2016 Science week farming in Nepal Thoughtfulness