Special Educational Needs

Special Needs facility for children with physical disabilities and moderate learning needs.

All children accessing the facility have a statement of SEN (Special Educational Needs)/EHCP (Education, Health Care Plan) and have the facility named within this.

We have 1 one facility class, Doves. This class has an experienced SEN teacher and support staff.

We offer a flexible and well resourced learning environment. Children will experience personalized learning and high staff to pupil ratio. Afternoon sessions are spent within the mainstream environment where the children access a differentiated curriculum along with their mainstream peers.

We work closely with external agencies to provide programmes of support for individuals. Where appropriate, we aim to incorporate advice from therapists into the children’s everyday timetables.

Other children with additional needs

We meet the needs of a range of needs in our mainstream classes and parents are welcome to contact the school to arrange an appointment.

SEN Report

The approach to meeting the requirements of pupils with Special Educational Needs at West St. Leonards Primary Academy (WSLPA) is to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their specific needs, make the best possible progress in school.

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