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Parent/Carer Views on Reading (March 2018)

Published: Thursday, 29th March

Many thanks for taking the time during the parent consultation evenings to complete the survey. Despite some technical issues, we received 101 completed questionnaires- results continue to be extremely positive. As I discussed with several parents, your contribution enables us to refine and enhance our school to support the children and make reading even better.

98% say their child enjoys reading 
97% state their child reads at home 
93% comment the school has an impact on the amount their child reads at home 
90% say their child reads to themselves at home 
93% state their child reads to someone else at home 
92% note their child brings a reading book home regularly 
89% say their child reads their reading book because they want to 
70% of parents and carers say they know which reading books are available to their child in school 
89% comment they are kept informed of their child’s reading progress at school 
82% note they are aware of the types of reading matter which a child should cover at different ages

The results above and the free text comments highlight the majority view that parents are kept well informed and the positive impact the school has on reading attitudes e.g. ‘We feel the school already do a large amount to support the children's reading, we particularly see enjoyment when the whole class is learning a story to perform as our child will come home and spontaneously practice it herself’… ‘My daughter has always enjoyed reading which I think is the result of the work done at school and the way that reading is presented as something enjoyable to do, not just an academic requirement’. Comments also related to the development of the school library which has enhanced the reading material available to continue to engage, enthuse and provide new challenges to feed minds.

Many parents requested support for appropriate reading texts; currently the newsletter has recommended reads as well as reading lists on our website . This also supports parents in making decisions about the challenge of the text which a child should cover at different ages.

Advice and support for reading . Free text comments have also led to the development of a booklet which will be published in response to requests around what questions to ask for children to show their understanding of what they have read and also helping them to develop a love of literature.