Pupil View

Many thanks to all the children from across the school who completed the survey on their learning. Please see below the questions and their responses.

  1. 98% say they enjoy learning at school
  2. 96% state the school is helping them to become more confident
  3. 94% comment staff talk to them regularly about how to improve their learning
  4. 96% say they get help when they need it
  5. 98% state staff listen to them and pay attention to what they say
  6. 85% note they have a say in how to make the learning in school better
  7. 94% say they know who to talk to if they feel worried or upset about their work
  8. 96% of pupils say they know when they have done something well
  9. 96% comment they find out new things in lessons
  10. 96% note lessons are interesting and fun
  11. 83% of pupils surveyed say work is challenging for them
  12. 88% say they have opportunities to study independently and to research topics
  13. 96% state they ask and answer questions in their lessons

The survey has highlighted we must raise awareness of how pupils are challenged in their learning and how they do have a say in how to make the learning at West St Leonards even better. For example the WSL (We’re Super Learner) fans were introduced and launched by pupils themselves. Click here to find out more about how our ambassadors lead learning.

descriptionPupil Voice Survey Report