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Parent View Survey (October 2018)

Wednesday, 31st October, 11:00 AM

Many thanks for taking the time during the parent consultation evenings to complete the survey. We did not reach our usual target of parents due to technical issues but we did manage to receive 121 completed questionnaires.

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As in previous years, we continue to identify the high level of confidence that parents and carers have in our systems and expectations of the children so thank you for your continued support.  

The free text comments continue to provide valuable insight into the ways that we can extend our provision for both children and parents alike. Thank you very much to the numerous Reception parents who took the time to mention how well their children have started at West St Leonards and the influx of positive comments around the level of support we have provided for children across the school so far this year.

98% state the school keeps their child safe

94% feel that the school meets their children’s needs

98% say their child is making progress at school

99% agree that their children are taught well at this school  

98% state that there is a good standard of behaviour at this school

90% agree that the school deals with any cases of bullying effectively.

92% state that the school responds well to concerns

96% feel that the school ensures their children are well looked after

98% agree that the school helps children to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics.

85% state that children’s lessons and not disrupted by bad behaviour

98% feel that the school helps parents and carers to support their children’s learning

92% state that the school keeps them, well informed.