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University of Brighton Academies Trust applauds GCSE achievements across their three secondary Academies

University of Brighton Academies Trust applauds GCSE achievements across their three secondary Academies

The GCSE results season brings a wave of celebration for the academies under the wing of the University of Brighton Academies Trust. The success underscores the unwavering dedication and effort exhibited by both the students and their teachers, showcasing a true commitment to flourish and achieve their best which is at the heart of the Trust's mission. 

Our East Sussex academies in Hastings and St Leonards were overjoyed with their results. 

Heidi Wundche, Year 11 student at The St Leonards Academy said “I’m so happy to have achieved some awesome results today, and I am particularly pleased with my 9 in further maths – thank you, Mrs Sims!” 

Jon Francies, Principal at The St Leonards Academy, commented: “We are so proud of the St Leonards Academy class of 2023. So many students achieved fantastic GCSE results that will take them to their next destination. These reflected the hard work of the year group. They had no study leave and worked right up to the last minute to make up for lost time. Students were more successful with higher grades than in previous years despite exams being harder than last year. We wish them all the very best for the future.” 

Darcey Jacobs, Miss Hart (drama teacher) and Wyatt Green from The St Leonards Academy 

Caleb Burton, from The Hastings Academy achieved all 7’s and one 6. He commented, “although I was nervous before opening my results, I’m thrilled my hard work has paid off and I’m delighted with my results today – it’s a real accomplishment!” 

Simon Addison, Principal at The Hastings Academy said, “I want to thank our staff, parents and carers for their care and support as their children as they have progressed throughout their time with us at the Academy, but most importantly, thank you to our students, who listened and responded to our teaching - you thoroughly deserve your success. Be sure to celebrate and do stay in touch with us in the future. On behalf of everyone in the Academy community, we wish you every good fortune, health, and happiness as you embark on the next stage of your journeys.” 

Caleb Burton from The Hastings Academy  

Nestled in West Sussex, The Burgess Hill Academy also achieved fantastic results.  

Charlotte Newham, a student at The Burgess Hill Academy, achieved remarkable success and is recognised as one of the highest achievers in the academy. Charlotte secured four grade 9s, three grade 8s, and 2 grade 7s. Charlotte joyfully stated, “I am very happy with my results. All the hard work was worth it!”. Scarlett Reed, another successful student at the academy, eagerly anticipates her start at college this September, exclaiming, "I'm so proud of my achievements. I'm excited to begin my next chapter at Brighton Met!" 

Simon Davies, Principal at The Burgess Hill Academy, commended the students for their resilience and effort during the exam period. He extended gratitude to the staff for their unwavering support and wished the students well, saying, "I'm genuinely proud of our students for their incredible determination and hard work during the exam period. I extend a big thank you to all our staff who supported the students throughout this journey. On behalf of the academy, I wish our students the very best for their upcoming adventures." 

With heartfelt pride, The University of Brighton Academies Trust extends our warmest congratulations to each and every student on their results. Your hard work and dedication have returned remarkable achievements, and we are immensely proud of your success. As you embark on the next chapter of your journey, we wish you all the best for a future filled with continued accomplishments and fulfilment.