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Forest Schools

Our eco warriors are working very hard and thinking about the contributions we can do to improve our environment. The eco warriors are here to encourage all pupils to think about energy saving and maintaining a clean school.

We are thinking about the positive contributions we can provide to maintaining an eco-friendly environment by thinking about ways we can save. To date we are still utilising our solar panels which helps us make our own electricity. Our lighting system is automated, therefore reducing energy use by having our PIR sensors (infra-red sensors) turn the lights off when rooms are not in use.

We will ensure that we purchase all products and services that consider environmental aspects, potential impacts and costs, associated with their life cycle. Our practice of procuring products and services will ensure that they are less harmful to the environment (land, air and water), that are made with less harmful materials which when produced, used or consumed. This will include buying local, buying recycled and recyclable, using less chemicals and reducing the schools carbon footprint associated with products and services.