Curriculum overview

The core learning for all children involves daily lessons in the building blocks of all education reading, phonics/spelling, story-telling, handwriting, writing and mathematics.

Due to our drive to provide the best possible learning opportunities for children, we use an approach called ‘Letters and Sounds’ to support our phonics teaching, taking into account the children’s individual needs to ensure the phase and teaching approach matches their requirements. Some of the main reading schemes we use for both KS1 and KS2 are: Phonics Bug, Bug Club, Rigby Star and Rigby Navigator, Oxford Reading Tree and Big Cat. However, these are all underpinned by our own approach to teaching reading which we call RIME. This abbreviation outlines the areas we believe form the foundations of children’s comprehension skills: Retrieval, Inference, Misconceptions and Explanation. All the learning is supported with personalized learning and weekly home learning tasks to ensure the learning can be extended and shared with adults outside of school.

Two pupils holding red, yellow and green cards

Children have opportunities to learn about their world and become an active member of the school as Peer Mediators, Eco warriors, School Ambassadors and Sports leaders.

Our broader curriculum includes PE, Arts Modern Foreign Language and Humanities. We use computing across all areas of learning and children use banks of laptops and iPads. Achievement is celebrated with parents and the community through performances, exhibitions and rewards.

We provide opportunities for children to have care and support before and after school and offer a range of after school clubs.

If you require details of our curriculum please look below for our schemes of work. We hold regular information sessions for parents/carers; please look at our events pages.