Home/School agreement

We, the adults responsible for children at home and at school, want West St Leonards Primary Academy to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment in which each child is treated as an individual and the needs of all are considered.

We will encourage children to work hard, to behave appropriately and to take pride and pleasure in their own and others achievements.

We look forward to working together on a basis of mutual respect to help our children become confident and enthusiastic learners.


The academy will:
• set appropriate homework regularly and ensure that it is marked.

I will:
• help my child return homework on time
• help my child find quiet place and time to do homework
• ensure school property is looked after when at home
• read to and with my child frequently.




Attendance and Punctuality

The academy will: 
• start classes promptly at 8:30am for all classes except for years 4 and 5 which start at 8:40am. 
•  maintain an accurate record of attendance.

I will:
• make sure that my child is at school regularly and on time
• make sure that my child is collected on time
contact the school promptly when my child is absent.


The academy will:
• ensure that every child is taught at an appropriate and challenging level by qualified teachers
• maintain an attractive environment with good materials and teach the full National Curriculum.

I will:
• encourage my child to participate fully in school activities
• support my child's learning at school by attending parent's meetings and performances.


The academy will:
• make sure all children are familiar with school rules
• use rewards and sanctions fairly
• respect the views of children and parents acknowledging the different circumstances that exist.

I will:
• help my child understand and follow school rules
• encourage my child to care for school property both at school and at home
• ensure that my child understands the high expectations regarding good behaviour at school.

Equal Opportunities

The academy will:
• try to enable all children to take part in all activities
• celebrate the diverse backgrounds that we come from
• ensure that bullying, racist, sexist and other discriminating behaviour is not tolerated.

I will:
• help my child understand that everyone is of equal importance
• encourage my child to appreciate and respect the views and religions of others.